April 16, 2021
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To Put it Simply:  When it comes to investing in gold or other precious metals, Goldco is the way to go. They are our number one choice for IRAs and with good reason. 

Customers boast of their great experiences with Goldco, giving them 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Goldco Summary

Account Minimum: $25,000

Fees: $175-$225 per year

Promotion: 5% back on precious metals over $50,000

Goldco Pros & Cons


  • Competitive fees
  • No penalties
  • Offers physical products
  • No extra investments required
  • Very high ratings by clients
  •  A+ BBB rating
  • Free storage for non-IRA precious metals


  • No online setup tools. Customers must call or email the company.
  • High minimum investment amounts

Account Setup:

Today, we are accustomed to doing everything online, minimizing the need for human interaction and simplifying many processes. However, most gold IRA companies require clients to call in order to set up new accounts. Goldco is no exception to this formality. 


Our #1: Goldco Precious Metals


  • Competitive fees
  • No penalties
  • Offers physical products
  • No extra investments required
  • 15 years of experience
  • High ratings
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  • About Goldco Precious Metals

    Trevor Gerszt, from Woodland Hills, California, founded Goldco in 2006. Therefore, Goldco has lots of experience with gold IRAs and helping clients.

    The company offers gold and silver IRAs along with other precious metals IRAs. They also understand the desire to purchase gold and other products outside of retirement accounts.

    That’s why they make it easy for clients to make purchases and have items shipped directly to them. Additionally, you can store your non-IRA products safely in Goldco storage facilities at no extra charge.

    What Does Goldco Offer?

    Gold IRAs 

    Goldco is dedicated to helping clients prepare for retirement. They offer several different ways to do so. The most popular is with a gold or silver IRA. Customers can invest in gold, silver, palladium, and platinum, storing them in secure facilities approved by the IRS.

    Direct Purchases

    If an IRA isn’t your thing or you wish to expand your investment options, you can also purchase gold, silver, palladium, and platinum and have them shipped to you or stored in a secure vault. However, your custodian will need to purchase on your behalf.


    Times are changing. We live in a technological world, and Goldco understands the need to adapt. While Goldco does not directly deal with cryptocurrency, their sister company, CoinIRA, does. Trevor Gerszt, the founder of Goldco, opened this extension of Goldco in 2017 and offers it to all of their clients- no need to go through another company to invest in crypto, they handle it all for you! 

    Goldco IRA Fee Structure

    One-Time Fees


    IRA Set-Up Fee


    Wire transfer fee


    Anuual Fees


    Storage Fee

    $100- $150

    Maintenance Fee 


    Goldco Fees:

    If you want a company with reasonable fees, Goldco won’t disappoint you. In your first year investing with them, you’ll have to pay a one-time setup fee of $50 and a one-time money wiring fee of $30. You’ll also be required to pay the yearly storage fee of $100 and an $80 yearly maintenance fee.

    Storage Options:

    What’s impressive about Goldco is they give you the option of segregated storage or non-segregated storage. Many companies don’t allow you to choose. If you prefer to have your gold stored separately from that of other clients, all you need to do is pay an extra $50 storage fee each year which is very reasonable.

    Minimum Investment:

    This is one of the only negatives surrounding Goldco. They have a minimum IRA investment amount of $25,000. If you are interested in buying products outside of an IRA, you’ll need to spend at least $3,500.

    However, Goldco doesn’t charge fees for non-IRA purchases, and they will even store your non-IRA gold and other precious metals with no setup, maintenance, or storage fees.

    What Makes Goldco Different?

    Goldco is a unique company. Aside from their customer satisfaction, they also offer other great features that most companies don’t provide.

    Buyback Program

     The most unique feature of Goldco is its buyback program. If any client decides to sell their metals for any reason, Goldco will buy their gold and other precious metals at the current market price with no questions asked.

    What does this mean for satisfied clients who keep their gold until time to sell out and enjoy a nice retirement? It means they won’t have to search for buyers and negotiate on pricing. Goldco offers quick turnaround times.

    New Client Incentives

    If you’re looking for a reason to join Goldco instead of another gold IRA company, they have excellent incentives to help lure new customers.

    Sure, a $25,000 minimum investment is high. However, if money is not an issue, you can benefit by investing more. If your initial purchase is at least $50,000, you’ll get 5% back in free gold and silver products.

    Does 5% sound too low? Think about it this way - 5% of $50,000 is $2,500 in free merchandise. That’s not all; when you start your investment with $50,000 or more, Goldco will waive all fees for your first year of service.

    Storage Options

    With most companies, you don’t have the option to choose which type of storage you prefer. Goldco is different in that aspect. They allow clients to choose between segregated and non-segregated storage units. Since many customers choose gold IRA companies based on the types of storage they offer, this is a game-changer for Goldco.

    Non-IRA Product Fees

    Not all companies offer precious metals outside of their gold and silver IRAs. Goldco’s offering of non-IRA metals sets them apart from most other IRA companies. Their stellar service doesn’t stop there.

    Clients who purchase metals from Goldco that are not part of their gold IRA are given the option to store that gold and silver in Golco storage facilities. What could be better than that? Goldco will even store the non-IRA products free of charge.

    Educational Resources

    Goldco is top-of-the-line when it comes to customer education. They offer a wide range of educational resources to help clients fully understand every aspect of their investments. One of the most notable ways they do this is through a blog.

    The blog is updated regularly and includes topics such as debt, gold trade wars, and recessions. You can also download e-books and educational videos. Some topics they cover include the crash of the U.S. dollar, problems concerning IRAs and 401Ks, gold IRA investment guides, the oil crisis, fluctuations in the value of the dollar, stock market crashes, and other threats to retirement plans.

    Goldco even makes it easy to see the current and changing prices of gold and other precious metals with their live price tracker tool.

    IRA & 401K Rollovers

    Are you worried about the difficulty of the rollover process from your existing retirement account? Goldco has an excellent customer service team. They will assist you in the entire rollover process, doing most of the work for you. In most cases, your money will be in your Goldco account, ready for you to make purchases, within 10 business days. 

     Goldco will rollover your existing retirement accounts from the following sources:

    • 401K
    • 403B
    • Roth 401K
    • Roth 457B
    • Traditional IRA
    • Roth IRA
    • SEP IRA
    • Simple IRA

     They will also accept these metals from your other gold IRA; however, Goldco will not accept gold and other precious metals from your personal collections:

    • American Eagle
    • Bald Eagle
    • American Eagle Proof
    • Buffalo
    • Maple Leaf
    • Lucky Dragon
    • Australian Saltwater Crocodile
    • Royal Mint Gold Lunar Series Coins
    • Gold Bars
    • Silver Bars
    • Royal Mint Silver Britannia Lunar Series Coins
    • Silver World War I
    • Silver World War II Victory

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     Is Goldco an IRA Company?

    Simply put, Goldco is a precious metals dealer. They are not an investment company. However, this does not stop them from educating customers on gold and silver investment strategies.

     Goldco representatives are well-trained and understand the IRA guidelines and strategies. They work closely with investment companies. Goldco representatives even set up new client IRA accounts, helping them every step of the way.

    Who Should Invest with Goldco?

    While Goldco is an outstanding company, and we highly recommend them, they are not right for everyone.

    Those with Enough for the Minimum Balance

    If you don’t have at least $25,000 to invest, Goldco may not be the company for you. However, there are other options. If you do not have the money on hand, you may still be able to open a gold IRA with Goldco. Do you have $25,000 or more in an existing non-gold IRA or a 401k? If so, you can roll over some or all of that account into a Golco account.

    People New to the Market

    Are you new to investing? Even if you have never invested in gold or any other product, you can feel confident when investing with Goldco.

    Maybe you don’t have the slightest clue about purchasing gold or how gold IRAs work. That’s not a problem. Representatives will guide you through the entire process and help you make the best choices for your gold account.

    Clients Looking for Piece of Mind

    Are you afraid of stock market fluctuations? If so, a Goldco IRA may be right for you. No matter what the stock market holds, gold IRAs do not depend on their conditions. The only thing that will change the value of your IRA is fluctuations in the price of gold itself.

     Since society typically turns to gold during a financial crisis, gold is usually at its highest when the stock market is at its lowest. Even if the price of gold drops, it will never completely diminish. However, gold values have remained high and fairly stable for some time. 

     Below is a historical chart depicting gold prices:

    Gold Prices - 100 Year Historical Chart 

     Those with Fear of Recessions and other Financial Problems

    When it comes to recessions and other economic financial problems, you may think it will never happen in your time. However, there was a recession in 2008, and the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on our economy, and we still have not completely recovered from that.

    Those Who are Retired or Nearing Retirement and Desire Stability

    If you are retired or close to retirement with a regular IRA or 401K, you may be worried about your financial stability during tough economic times. Investing your retirement funds in gold and other precious metals can give you peace of mind that you will be taken care of if the economy goes downhill.

    Precious Metal Prices

     Goldco does not openly display its precious metals prices on its website. Once you finish setting up your account, you will have access to the list of current products and prices. However, they do provide a live tracker for market values here. Just be aware that this does not include the percentage Goldco charges above market value. 

    Overall Safety of Your Precious Metals

    Are you worried about the overall safety of your gold and silver? You can rest easy knowing that your investments with Goldco are safe. When you make purchases, all products are fully covered with shipping insurance.

    Once at the facility, your precious metals are under constant surveillance and security. Storage facilities are also insured against theft and other threats.

    Your gold and other precious metals are not at risk of fraud or bankruptcy. This is because they are not included in the facility's assets and liabilities. Therefore, in the event of bankruptcy, creditors will not have any right or claim to your investment property. 

    Goldco Planning Services

    Goldco is dedicated to helping clients understand the ins and outs of all investment options, educating them, and helping them choose the best plan for their needs. 

    • Gold IRAs: Goldco provides detailed information on starting a gold IRA and which metals can be invested.
    • Silver IRAs: Goldco provides detailed information on starting a silver IRA including which silver products can be invested.
    • 401K Rollover: Golco offers assistance and education for rolling over your 401K.
    • Traditional and Roth IRA Planning: They help potential clients understand the differences between traditional IRAs and Roth accounts.
    • SEP IRA Planning: Representatives help clients understand what they need to qualify for a SEP IRA.
    • Simple IRA Planning: Goldco will guide you through the rules of opening a simple IRA, simple gold IRA, and a simple silver IRA.

    Reviews & Customer Feedback

    Goldco is dedicated to client satisfaction, and it shows in their customer feedback. Not only do they want their clients to be happy, but they also strive to help them understand every aspect of their gold IRAs.

    Customer education is a top priority. Goldco has agents available to thoroughly explain their processes. They even help clients understand the stock market and how it affects their IRA.

    If you are rolling over an existing IRA or 401K, you may be worried about the difficulty of the process and that it may be too time consuming. This isn’t so with Goldco. Customers highly rate the rollover process and boast that representatives take responsibility for everything.

    Goldco is rated A+ with the BBB and has 4.5 out of 5 stars with TrustPilot. They also have an amazing, perfect customer rating of 5 stars with TrustLink.

     "Everyone was very helpful and answered my questions with me understanding what was said. As the first time doing this I felt no pressure. Thanks to everyone."

     "My experience with Goldco and Jace Kent and his team have been very informative and welcoming. Everyone I have spoken to so far with the entire transfer process made a potentially nervous experience very pleasant. I look forward to a long and prosperous partnership. Lauren and Jace and the entire Goldco team are outstanding, and I rate them 5 stars!!! Thank you all."

     "We have had the pleasure of working with Zeve Kays and James as we set up our precious metals accounts. Both gentlemen have been very professional during our conversations. They speak very intelligently and answer our questions thoroughly. We feel very confident in deciding to invest with Goldco."

     "Goldco did a great job initiating and handling my account. John made me feel comfortable and confident in restructuring my portfolio. I think I made the right decision for my IRA account with his guidance and help. I am looking forward to a long-term relationship with Goldco."

     "Goldco representatives made it very smooth to transfer my retirement fund to an IRA precious metals account. They also were willing to work beyond their normal schedule to explain the precious metals program since I have long hours at work."

     "Everyone I talked to at Goldco was very helpful in getting me invested in precious metals. They were polite and friendly as well! I did not expect this high level of customer relationship management to start off, so I was pleased to see it."

    Contact Goldco Now! 


    If you're looking to get in touch with Goldco, the easiest way to go about it is by requesting their free Gold IRA Guide and from there they will reach out to you. You can check out the guide and get an idea of what they offer and how you can invest with our favorite gold IRA company.

    To Conclude,

    When opening a gold or silver IRA, there is a wide array of reputable companies from which to choose. After close research, we found that Goldco is one of, if not the, top companies in the industry, providing excellent customer service and top-of-the-line products to both experienced investors and individuals with no knowledge of the gold market.

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