April 16, 2021
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One of the hardest decisions you'll make with your money is how to invest it, and what companies to trust with your investment.

Not only that but heading into a niche like gold and silver may be new to you as well; that's why we made this article.

Below is a comparison of the best companies to invest in precious metals with; we have worked with some directly, spent numerous hours researching and listening to customer reviews & feedback to come up with this list.

The Top Gold IRA Company Comparison for 2021


#1: Goldco- Our Top Recommendation


  • Competitive fees
  • No penalties
  • Offers physical products
  • No extra investments required
  • 15 years of experience
  • High ratings
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  • #2

    #2: Augusta Precious Metals


    • First year free and reasonable pricing for        additional years
    • 4 customer service departments
    • Fantastic customer reviews 
    • No extra investments required
    • Award winning 
    • Get Augusta Deal Here >>

    #3: Birch Gold 


  • Low minimum investment
  • Customer service tailored to your personal understanding
  • Large variety of products
  • Consistent updates on the market & personal finances
  • Get Birch Gold Group Deal Here >>
  • #4

    #4: Regal Assets


  • Competitive fees
  • Online account setup
  • Wide product selection including crypto
  • Lifetime flat rate
  • 100% insured investments
  • #5

    #5: Noble Gold 


    • Buyback program
    • Low minimum investment 
    • Excellent Customer Reviews
    • Quick and easy account setup

    Our Summary: 

    Are you looking for financial security even in an event where fiat currency loses its value? Investing in gold will ensure that you and your family are taken care of during an economic crisis.

     What if the stock market crashes? What about the U.S. dollar? There will probably come a time when the value of the dollar either drops or crashes completely, and having most of your assets in it will result in a steep decline of value. 

     Gold is a precious substance that has been valuable for centuries and can help you secure your financial future. We have researched and prepared a list comparing the top five gold IRA companies.

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    #1: Goldco - Best Overall


     Compared to the other gold investment companies in the USA, Goldco takes the cake for "Best Overall".

    When working with Goldco Precious Metals, you will get a self-directed gold IRA: this acts as both an investment tool and a purchase of physical gold.

    Their company was founded in 2006, which makes it one of the longest standing amongst their competitors listed below.

    Once you sign up with Goldco, you get your own account executive to walk you through everything and start investing to meet your subjective goals.

    It doesn't get much better than an A+ rating from the BBB. Along with this accreditation, they were also awarded as one of the fastest-growing companies that are privately owned in the United States.

    Goldco Pros & Cons


    • Competitive fees
    • No penalties
    • Offers physical products
    • No extra investments required
    • Very high ratings by clients 


    • No online setup tools. Customers must call or email the company.
    • High minimum investment amounts

    Account Setup:

    Today, we are accustomed to doing everything online, minimizing the need for human interaction and simplifying many processes. However, most gold IRA companies require clients to call in order to set up new accounts. Goldco is no exception to this formality. 

    Goldco Experience

     When it comes to retirement investing, should you trust a company with little to no experience? With Goldco, you know your money is in good hands because they have been in business since 2006, customers trust them, and they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Goldco also has excellent customer reviews, receiving 4.8 out of 5 stars. 

    When it comes to investing in gold, reading the gold ira company reviews that you're interested in is vital to understanding the whole picture. Read our full Goldco review here

    Goldco Consumer Guidance

    Are you new to the gold market? If so, you may not understand how gold IRAs work. Maybe you're not new to the market but you need help better understanding new or current procedures. 

     Goldco is top-of-the-line when it comes to customer education. They are dedicated to teaching their investors how the market works and best investment tips. You’ll even receive a price chart for all products.

     When you sign up for an account with Goldco, you will be assigned an account executive who will help you understand the process. It doesn’t stop there. The executive is also dedicated to helping you reach your investment goals. 

    Goldco Account Fees

    As with any business, you can expect to pay fees. You will need at least a $25,000 investment to open an account. Fees for the first year are $260; however, each additional year is only $180. 

    Goldco Products

    When making purchases, it is logical for consumers to expect a physical product. For some people, this just makes more sense. For this reason, Goldco provides both investment options as well as options to physically purchase gold. However, clients are not allowed to buy the gold directly. Instead, they must go through an approved gold IRA custodian. 

     Think about this; what happens if there is a natural disaster and all businesses are shut down? Everyone is in a panic, but you have peace of mind because you invested in gold. You’re safe, right? 

     If you have physical gold stored safely in your home, you have goods with which to barter. However, if all of your gold is tied up in a gold IRA, you probably won’t be able to withdraw it for immediate use as a safety net. 

    #2: Augusta Precious Metals


    Augusta is broken up into four departments that work with you to provide you with the best experience and result with your investment. Those are a personal customer success agent, an experienced analytics team specializing in market economics, a legal team, and a specialized order team to help you choose your metals. 

    Augusta Pros & Cons


    • Dedicated to client education
    • First-year free and reasonable pricing for additional years
    • Four customer service departments


    • No online orders or account setup
    • High minimum investment amounts
    • No physical products

    Account Setup:

    You must call and speak with a representative in order to set up your gold IRA account.

    Augusta Experience

    While Augusta Precious Metals has not been in the gold IRA custodian business as long as Goldco, they were established in 2012 and have since made a great name for themselves. They know their stuff and make it a point to educate their clients. Augusta Precious Metals also has excellent ratings including TrustLink, Business Consumer Alliance, and an A+ rating with the BBB.

    Augusta Consumer Guidance

    When you open an account with Augusta Precious Metals, the investment process doesn’t stop there. Their team is dedicated to making sure clients understand how the market works and teaching them the best practices.

    You will have access to several different customer service departments which include customer access agents, an economic analytics team, a legal processing team, and an order desk. You will also save money on lawyers because staff members handle most of the legal paperwork including rollover and transfer forms.

    Augusta Account Fees

    Augusta Precious Metals has a highly competitive fee schedule. While many gold investment companies charge their highest fees for the first year of investment services, Augusta does not charge a fee for the first year.

    Additional years cost $180 which is comparable to other companies. However, they have an extremely high minimum investment amount of $50,000.

    Augusta Products

    With Augusta, customers cannot order and receive actual products. The company sells gold and silver bullion coins and bars which are stored in secure facilities across the USA. Customers can remove their gold and silver and have it delivered to them. However, there are IRS fees when cashing out IRAs before the specified time.

    To read an intensive gold ira company review for them, head on over to our full Augusta review here. 

    #3: Birch Gold Group


    Birch Gold knows its stuff. They’ve been in business longer when compared to most companies and have well-known clients. They are highly ranked among Google Business, Business Consumer Affairs, and the BBB.

    Birch Gold Pros & Cons


    • Lower than average minimum opening investment amounts
    • Excellent customer service dedicated to client understanding
    • Variety of products, providing metals from around the world
    • Timely updates regarding finances and stock market fluctuations


    • Hidden fees
    • No online orders or account setup

    Account Setup:

    You must call the company and speak with a representative in order to set up your IRA account.

    Birch Gold Experience

    When it comes to experience, Birch Gold is a logical choice for IRA customers. They’ve been in business since 2003, ranking as one of the oldest IRA companies. Celebrities, including Ben Shapiro, trust Birch Gold with their retirement goals and savings.

    Birch Consumer Guidance

    Birch Gold is committed to helping clients understand best investment practices. They have excellent customer service agents who are patient in helping clients understand both the risks and the benefits of investing in precious metals. They will even explain the stock market and how it may affect customer IRAs and the price of gold.

    Birch Account Fees

    This is where you need to be careful when dealing with Birch Gold. While they are an excellent company, they are also known to charge fees that have not been properly disclosed to the client. Yearly fees are displayed as $180; however, you will be charged an additional $50 custodian fee along with a $30 money wiring fee.

    While you may be skeptical because of their hidden fees, don’t let that discourage you from investing with Birch Gold. They have some of the lowest start-up prices in the industry with minimum opening investments of only $10,000.

    Birch Products

    When choosing a gold IRA, do you find importance in having a wide selection of merchandise? If so, Birch Gold may be one of the best choices. They offer a variety of different products including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

    You can also purchase bullion coins in gold and silver. The company ensures all coins are authentic through the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation and the Professional Coin Grading Service.

    #4: Regal Assets


    If the popularity and availability of physical merchandise interests you, Regal Assets is an excellent choice for a gold IRA. This company has been in business less than others; however, their popularity seems to be much higher.

    Regal Assets Pros & Cons


    • Wide selection of products including cryptocurrency
    • Online account setup
    • Maximum security storage facilities
    • Low minimum investment
    • 100 percent insured investments


    • Lack of customer education
    • High gold prices

    Account Setup:

    Are you the type of person who hates speaking with representatives? Would you rather do your business online? Regal Assets breaks tradition, once again, with their account setup procedure. You can quickly and easily set up your account online.

    Regal Experience

    Regal Assets has been in business since 2009 and has been mentioned for its excellent services by companies such as Forbes, Inc 500, The Huffington Post, and Bloomberg. Additionally, they are endorsed by celebrities including Dennis Miller and Laura Ingraham. With that much high-ranking publicity, there has to be something special about Regal Assets.

    Regal Consumer Guidance

    Regal Assets boasts an A+ BBB rating and a 99.9% satisfaction rating via TrustLink. However, they don’t seem to offer any type of guidance or materials to help clients better understand their investments.

    Regal Account Fees

    Can you afford to put $25,000 to $100,000 toward your retirement? Even when clients transfer money from their 401Ks, that can be a lot of money to invest. Many average people can’t afford it. Regal Assets evens the playing field with its extremely low minimum investment of only $5,000.

    In addition to low minimums, you’ll also save on yearly fees. Unlike other companies, Regal won’t charge you a percentage of your investment. Instead, you’ll pay a flat fee for the life of your account, and the first year is free. However, at $250 per year, this fee is a little higher than those of other gold IRA companies.

    Regal Products

    This is where Regal Assets stands out the most. They understand that times are changing, and we are living in the age of technology. Therefore, they have expanded their products to include cryptocurrency, and they are the only IRA company that has done this.

    However, precious metals are still their number one focus. You can choose to invest in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. What’s even more impressive, you can order gold bullion coins and have them delivered right to your door instead of a secure vault.

    Since you will be storing most of your gold and other metals in vaults, Regal makes security their top priority. Your investments will be stored in segregated vaults around the world, featuring maximum security. Your investments are 100 percent insured and separate from those of other investors.

    Regal Assets also stands apart from competitors regarding investment options. While most companies only offer retirement rollovers from 401Ks or existing IRA plans, Regal Assets allows clients to roll over their investments from a 401K, 403B, SEP, TSP, or an existing IRA plan.

    The pros of investing with Regal Assets far outweigh the cons. With their highly-ranked status and initiative to keep up with technology, they are an excellent choice for your IRA needs. 

    #5: Noble Gold Investments


    Are you new to the gold IRA industry? If so, you may be nervous about investing in gold or other precious metals through an IRA. Let’s face it, risking your entire life’s savings is enough to make anyone sweat. Knowledge is power, and Noble Gold Investments agrees.

    That’s why they put a great deal of focus on educating their customers about their investments. If they don’t think investing in a gold IRA is right for you, they won’t allow you to open an account.

    Noble Gold Pros & Cons


    • Buyback program
    • Low minimum investments
    • Quick and easy account setup
    • Flat fees
    • Dedicated to client education
    • Great customer service


    • They are a newer company
    • Accounts cannot be set up completely online

    Account Setup:

    Noble Gold Investments has one of the easiest and fastest setup processes. Most of the information can be submitted online; however, customers must call and speak with a representative to finalize their account setup.


    If Noble Gold Investments falls short in any area, it would have to be their lack of experience compared to other gold IRA companies. They are a fairly new company that has only been in business since 2017.

    However, don’t let their establishment date fool you. This company knows what they’re doing. They have excellent ratings from the BBB, Consumer Affairs Accredited, and Business Consumer Alliance.

    Consumer Guidance

    Noble Gold Investments is the best in consumer guidance. They go above and beyond when it comes to helping their customers understand the investing process. After all, that is the number one reason the owners opened the company.

    There were so many clients opening gold IRAs who didn’t have a clue what was going on with their investments. Therefore, Noble Gold Investments makes it their mission to educate their clients on the ins and outs of investing with precious metals.

    Account Fees

    This is another impressive category for Noble Gold Investments. They have the absolute lowest startup minimums of all the gold IRA companies. You can start investing for your future with as little as $2,000. This includes rolling over your current 401K.

    Their annual fee is a bit higher than that of most companies, but their first year is the same price as years to come. They do not wave their first-year fees, but why should they? They are offering clients the chance to invest with as little as $2,000 down.


    While some gold IRA companies don’t offer consumers the option to buy physical products, Noble Gold Investments provides Royal Survival Packs. Prices range from $5,000 to $500,000. You can choose to have your survival pack filled with gold and silver sent to your home, or you can opt to have it sent to a remote location.

    In addition to Royal Survival Packs, the company offers silver IRAs and gold IRAs. However, they don’t have any overseas storage facilities. All gold and silver are stored in secure vaults in Texas and Delaware.

    What happens if you aren’t satisfied with Noble Gold Investments or you get in a financial bind? Maybe you just aren’t sure about investing with a gold IRA. No worries! Noble Gold Investments offers a buyback program to their clients with no questions asked.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Gold IRAs

    What is a Gold IRA?

    A gold IRA is an Individual Retirement Account that is backed by gold or other precious metals. However, you cannot retain your gold in your regular retirement account. You can open a gold IRA by investing your own money, or you can rollover your existing IRA or 401K account.

    You will need an IRS-approved custodian to handle your account, and your investments will be stored in secure facilities. Like typical IRAs, you do not have access to your investments right away. However, many companies allow you to cash out early, but you will have to pay penalties to the IRS for early withdrawal. Some IRA companies also charge fees for withdrawing before the specified time.

    In addition to gold and coins, investors can place gold stocks, gold mutual funds, and gold ETFs in their gold IRA. However, you should choose the company that is right for you and understand the restrictions, benefits, and disadvantages of gold IRAs.

    Why Should I Invest in a Gold IRA?

    Will the American dollar always be around? What happens if our country goes bankrupt and there is no more paper money? After all, our government is spending money at alarming rates.

    If paper currencies crash, gold will still be valuable. It has been seen as valuable for centuries even when the economy was not in good standing. Gold also does not have region-specific worth.

    No matter which part of the world you may be in, you’ll be able to use gold for trading purposes. Therefore, storing gold is an important preparation for possible economic crashes as well as funding your retirement. 

    When is a Good Time to Invest in a Gold IRA?

    The best time to invest in gold is when the value is at its lowest. Since gold prices are based on supply and demand, gold will be the cheapest when there is not as much demand for it. Therefore, when sales are down, gold prices will be lower.

    Now, you’re probably asking yourself when gold sales are the lowest. According to Jeff Clark, senior analyst for GoldSilver, the best time to invest in gold, whether physical gold or in an IRA, is early January, anytime in March, early April, and the middle of June to early July.

    In order to come to this conclusion, he researched gold trends from 1975 to the present, determining the times of the year when the least amount of consumers purchased gold. While there were fluctuations in pricing, the most demanding months remained the same.

    What to Know About Gold IRAs

    • Getting Started

    • Custodians

    • Gold Restrictions

    Getting Started

    Before opening a gold IRA, it’s important to note that you will not be receiving any physical gold. Your purchases will be shipped to a secure facility and stored until your account’s maturity date.

    With any gold IRA, you’ll need a minimum investment to get started. These range from $2,000 to $50,000. Some companies do offer the option to buy physical gold and have it shipped to your home. However, it’s likely that your custodian will have to mediate that process as well.

    While gold IRAs are self-directed, meaning you will make all the decisions regarding your account, you cannot simply purchase $2,000 worth of gold and send it to the company for storage purposes.

    The IRS requires that clients only invest in certain gold and other precious metal products. However, civilians are not allowed to purchase their own gold for IRAs.

    You will be required to have an IRS-approved custodian who will maintain your account, purchasing products on your behalf. It would be wise to hire an experienced, trustworthy financial advisor to help you make decisions regarding your retirement. Don’t forget the precious metals dealers we reviewed above; you’ll need to choose the best dealer for your individual needs.

    Pros & Cons of Gold IRAs

    We discussed the pros and cons of the gold IRA companies compared here; now, it’s time to discuss the pros and cons of opening a gold IRA. While it’s right for many people, investing or rolling over your 401K into a gold IRA is not right for everyone.


    • Tax Benefits: Most investments qualify as tax write-offs. Gold IRAs are no exception. Clients can write-off all gold and precious metal purchases and account rollovers. Some approved withdrawals are also tax-free.
    • Long-term Hold: With IRAs, customers can’t simply withdraw assets from their accounts regularly. Withdrawals are limited, and fees often apply with early withdrawals. Fortunately, many individuals do not buy and sell or trade gold regularly. It is more of a long-term asset or nest egg, making it ideal for retirement accounts.
    • Client Control: With traditional retirement accounts, clients do not have much say in what goes on with their money. They simply place their money in the account and hope for the best. With gold IRAs, clients always have control. Even though you have a custodian to make purchases and possibly a financial advisor to help, the final decision is up to you.
    • Cashing Out Physical Gold: One great aspect of gold IRAs is the end result. When you retire and cash out your investment, you have two choices: you can either trade your gold and other precious metals for cash in the amount of the current market value, or you can have your gold delivered to you.

      If the price is high when you retire, you may want to trade for cash. However, if prices are low, it may be smart to hold on to the gold and sell later when the market is better.


    • Non-Interest-Earning Investment: When investing in conventional IRAs, your money earns interest over time. However, this is not the case with gold IRAs. The only way for clients to earn money on a gold IRA is if they sell their gold and make a profit instead of a loss. Just remember, there are usually penalties for cashing out your gold IRA before its maturity date. 
    • Expensive Fees: While gold IRAs have many benefits, they also come with more expensive yearly fees than traditional retirement plans. The previously discussed storage and custodian fees apply, and some companies charge hidden fees such as Birch Gold. 
    • Product Restrictions: There are a lot of various companies selling wide arrays of gold and other precious metals. Certain coins may have captured your interest.

      Unless you plan to purchase those products for your private collection, you will likely not be able to add those to your gold IRA. Each piece must be approved by the IRS and purchased by your custodian. You cannot order your own gold and send it to your storage facility.
    • Value fluctuations: Like other investments, gold is subject to inflation and deflation. If the economy goes downhill and people begin purchasing higher amounts of gold and other precious metals, the value will increase. If you are interested in selling your gold, this would be the time to make a nice profit.

      However, if the market calms down and less consumers are purchasing gold, the prices will drop. This is because gold’s value depends on supply and demand. It’s best to hold on to your gold during times like this. 

    Diversify Your Portfolio

    Have you ever heard the saying, “never put all your eggs in one basket?” Your retirement portfolio is no exception to that. If your entire retirement depends strictly on stocks, bonds and cash, what will you do if all those things fail and you lose all your money? What will you use to pay bills during your retirement?

    By adding gold in the mix, you will have a well-balanced portfolio. According to Tony Daltorio, gold has had a trend of going in the opposite direction of the stock market. For example, when the stock market is high, the price of gold has been low.

    When the price of gold has been high, history shows that the stock market was in crisis. Therefore, if you have a good balance of both assets, your retirement egg will likely be secure. Reading our gold IRA comparison will help you find the right gold investment company to work with.

    Gold Storage Information

    • Storage Units

    • Storage in the US

    • Segregated & Co-Storage

    Storage Units

    The IRS restricts the types of gold you can include in your retirement account, and storage of your precious metals is dictated by them as well. You will not be able to store your gold in banks or regular storage units. All gold and precious metals must be kept in IRS-approved storage vaults that insure your merchandise.


    Just like not everyone wears the same size shoe, every gold IRA will not fit each individual equally.
    Read over our gold IRA comparison listed above. You may even want to do your own research. Either way, just make sure that you choose a gold IRA company that is the best fit for you and your family.

    Gold has been around for centuries and has been used for bartering since well before paper money was invented. It is an asset that will help during an economic crisis.

    Just like you should prepare by storing food and necessities in case of emergency, you should also prepare for your retirement with gold and other precious metals. If sometime in the future, our dollar no longer holds value and we no longer have the use of our debit and credit cards, many people will be unprepared. Prepare your family for financial uncertainty by investing in a gold IRA.

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